Tips for applicants

Please make sure that your application is as complete as possible. Ideally, your application should contain a personalised covering letter, your curriculum vitae (CV) and the most important certificates. The covering letter gives you the opportunity, among other things, to explain why you are interested in the position and to describe two or three stages in your CV that are relevant to the position. Your CV will be all the more readable if it is structured clearly and significant events, grades and so on are highlighted. We recommend that you compile your CV anti-chronologically – in other words, beginning with the most recent events. Please use PDF format for your documentation. You are welcome to save your covering letter, CV and certificates in separate PDFs. However, please ensure that the documents are labelled clearly (name and content).

What happens next?

If your application matches the position, we will try to agree a date and time for an interview. That interview will normally be attended by your future superior, meaning the relevant partner from the specialist field in question, and a post-holder, either the office chief or perhaps a representative of the personnel department. If both we and you feel that this interview has gone well, we will be glad to offer you a second interview. This will take the form, initially, of a more in-depth conversation with the partner and/or the head of the relevant specialist field. In addition, we will introduce you to your future associate colleagues at this stage. We will then go out together for lunch, which will give both you and us an even better chance to find out whether we are well matched. This is because we want – and need – the members of the team to which you will belong to be able to rely on each other in the future. If this event also leads us to believe that we will enrich each other, we will be delighted to welcome you to Noerr!

Interview preparation:

You should have a knowledge of both our firm and our working environment, as well as a good understanding of the requirements of the specific position. You can find relevant information mainly on our homepage and in the job description, but other internet portals – and, not least, your own personal network – can also provide information. Above all, however, you should take the opportunity to get to know us at our internal “Noerr Practice” series of events or by visiting us at a careers fair. This will give you not only a knowledge of the facts but also a personal impression.

What are we looking for?

At the interview, we will not only discuss factual matters with you. Rather, we will want to know who you are, what drives you and what makes you tick. This is why it will be a conversation, not an interrogation. At a good interview, the time flies by – just as it does during a good conversation among friends. Are we able to get into conversation quickly and easily? Do you come across as pleasantly self-confident, while still being a good listener? We believe that the right candidate will be able to talk thoughtfully about their own personality. They will also initiate some parts of the conversation and not merely let it be led by us. They will be able to show what they like about Noerr, even if this comes only from an event that the firm has organised, an advertisement or an appearance at a careers fair. Naturally, they will also act appropriately in relation to dress and demeanour. One day, you will be the public face of Noerr yourself, and the interview will give you the chance to demonstrate that ability. You will have sufficient opportunity at the end of the interview to ask questions. We recommend that you write down all the questions that you have not been able to answer during your research and bring your notes with you to the interview. This too will be a sign of good preparation.