Lawyer in London


Isabel Giancristofano | Associated Partner | Corporate | London:

Why Noerr? My personal answer: because I would choose Noerr again today, even though I have taken a completely different path from the one I initially expected. When I started in Noerr's Berlin office a couple of years ago straight after my traineeship, I could never have dreamt that one day I would be working on the 40th floor of a multi-storey block in the City of London.

There are always many reasons for starting with this or that law firm. For me, with Noerr it was a decision that I both knew and felt to be right. Even the initial interview was completely different from other firms. There was a relaxed, personal atmosphere, and I met not only partners but also future colleagues of my own age. What is more, I had a feeling that I would not only be working in a good team but would also receive a good training as a lawyer. After three years in the Berlin office, which included a four-month secondment to Düsseldorf, I got the chance to work in Noerr's new London office. The offer of a job in London came completely unexpectedly, but I could not resist: two to three years abroad in a new environment with new colleagues, but at the same time with the backing of Noerr as a major German law firm – it was simply a great opportunity.

I now advise international companies on German company and insolvency law from London. My work also involves maintaining relationships with clients based in Britain and with other independent European law firms with which we often work together. This means that my job is very varied: every day I still find something on my desk that I have never seen before. Fortunately, even with unusual enquiries from clients and partners I can rely on the experience and helpfulness of colleagues in Germany and other locations.

Because career planning at Noerr is very flexible, the past five years could have turned out completely differently. From the very beginning, I have worked in various teams across different fields and locations. This has enabled me to form a good picture of the diverse possibilities offered by legal work, and of the various specialities and sectors. What I still like is the opportunity to get actively involved in exciting projects irrespective of location, rather than simply having tasks allocated to me. For this reason, I have had the feeling from the outset that I am being supported in developing a specialisation that matches my interests. Even more importantly, in the process I have got to know many colleagues with whom I do not only enjoy working again and again but am also happy to do things after work. My work at Noerr is certainly challenging – but thanks to the great team and the variety of activity, I still enjoy going to the office every day even after five years. In the end, that is what matters.