My experiences in the Big Apple


Konrad Zdanowiecki |  Associated Partner  | Digital Business | Munich:

To give my conclusion at the start, in the manner of a judge's verdict, Noerr's New York office is perfect for a student internship or a traineeship placement. I myself spent the elective part of my stage there from early January to late March 2012.

As far as getting there was concerned, this all went very quickly and smoothly in my case. Soon after I sent off my application, I received an invitation to a telephone interview, which was conducted half in German and half in English. A few days after that, my acceptance came through. Noerr also covered the cost of the necessary visa and sent me a list of possible places to stay.

The room where I lived was in a great location – in the middle of one of the coolest New York night life districts, between Greenwich Village and East Village, which meant I could start a pub or club crawl right on my doorstep. The fact that the "Big Apple" also has lots of attractions apart from its night life does not really need to be spelt out explicitly. Nevertheless, it is remarkable what this metropolis has to offer. Personally, I can recommend, among other things, a walk over Brooklyn Bridge, the view from the Rockefeller Center, a trip to the waterfront in Jersey City or to Williamsburg, or a cable-car ride to Roosevelt Island (in the evening). For sports fans, Madison Square Garden is definitely worthwhile for the Knicks – the atmosphere at the Rangers is only so-so. And if you are looking for one of the best burgers in the city, I suggest "Joy" on 6th Ave, on the corner with Washington Place.

The Noerr office has a very pleasant, personal atmosphere. You are on first-name terms straight away with all four lawyers and the two colleagues from Marketing and Controlling. The main focus of the work is on company law, with some elements of insolvency law. The cases are, of course, international and really very interesting. It is especially pleasing that the work assigned to you is entirely in English, which makes it very sensible to go to Noerr New York from the point of view of improving your language skills. You also often get involved in preparing and taking part in various external marketing events, such as talks. In addition, again and again you get to know lawyers from Noerr offices in Germany who are spending a few days in New York for business reasons.

A typical working day usually ends around 6pm (at least for student apprentices and trainees), which gives you enough time even during the week to experience the cosmopolitan city of New York and to meet other people. Incidentally, it is particularly easy to get to know them at the trainees' breakfast held by a US law firm every Friday.

My three months at Noerr New York were definitely an eventful time, so I can emphatically recommend a stay there.