My first month with Noerr... as a lawyer


Dr. Petra Hoffmann | Associated Partner | Litigation | Munich:

I spent the elective part of my stage with Noerr in Munich from January to late March 2012, and I have been employed here as a lawyer since July 2012. How have I found this first month, by comparison with my time as a trainee?

Naturally, it was a special feeling the first time I opened the entrance with my own card and found an office with my own name on the door. However, contrary to my own optimistic expectations, I was not filled suddenly with a whole life's legal experience as soon as the viva voce and my swearing-in as a lawyer were over. Fortunately, that had not been the expectation of anybody at Noerr. When you are starting your career, you naturally want to improve quickly and deliver good results. Noerr actively helps you in this. My impression is that training is recognised here as investment in the future and taken very seriously.

In your first days, training courses tend to be of the organisational variety: data processing, style sheets, DMS, library skills, knowledge management, CIP, digital dictation etc. You find it hard to absorb all the new information, but after a few days of "trying it out" you get used to the technical challenges. In your first few weeks, you alternate between waiting for things to do and rushing around in a panic. Gradually, things settle down. You get yourself organised – something that would be almost impossible without the secretary's "life-saving" assistance.

The personnel department is very creative at coming up with events where you can engage in internal networking and get to know your superiors better. Regular departmental events (especially jour-fixe sessions) are informative and boost your sense of belonging.

If you do find yourself thrown in at the proverbial "deep end", you can be sure that you will have been sent on a certain Noerr swimming course first! I hope you will enjoy your start as much as I have done!